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  • Purge Unit

    Purge UnitWhile monitoring particle contaminated flows, Pitot Tube Flow Meters can loose accuracy over time caused by congestion. Instead of manual maintenance, a purge unit can be installed to clean the Flow Sensor automatically on a regular basis.

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  • Flow Computers / Displays

    Flow Computers / DisplaysIntra-Automation offers a wide range of displays, that can be executeed with integrated controller functions.

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  • Transmitters

    TransmittersIn cooperation with the leading electronics manufacturers, Intra Automation takes care of the sizing, installation and calculation process of the approved dp flow transmitter.

    More information on request.

  • ITA AVK Level Transmitter

    All ITA Level Gauges can be equipped with an AVK level transmitter.
    The AVK is designed to pick up the Magnetic Float Level signal, and converts it into an analogue signal.

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  • Switches

    SwitchesLevel switches come in uncertified and certified ATEX EEx d, EEx ia executions.
    Intra Automation Level switches are designed to react on the magnetic signal of the ITA Level Gauge Float Magnets.
    There is a wide choice of different types of switches, for all kind of environments.

    Technical information  (37kB) 
    Manual  (96kB) 
  • Accessories

    AccessoriesFor compatibility reasons, Intra Automation products can be completed with accessories, in order to guarantee compatibility with other brand products.

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  • Head Transmitter

    Head TransmitterTwo-wire head-mounted transmitter are used in combination with our Flow Sensor type Itabar as R/I head-mounted transmitter for integrated temperature measurement.
    For our mag. Level Gauge type ITA they are used for the option with the reed chain (AVK) as R/I transmitter.

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  • Calibration pots for pumps

    Calibration pots for pumpsThese calibration pots can be used for correct pump-setting, easy fault detection and reduction of operational cost.
    They are designed for the oil- and gas industry in order to meet today’s strict requirements.

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    • 1.1. ITABAR Pitot Tube
    • 1.2. Ultrasonic Series
    • 1.3. Orifice Assemblies
    • 1.4. Venturi Tubes
    • 1.5. Flow Nozzles
    • 1.6. Sight Glasses
    • 1.7. Cone Flowmeter
    • 1.8. Wedge tube
  • 2. Level instruments
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    • 2.1. ITA Magnetic Level Gauge
    • 2.2. Tank Level Transmitter / Switch
    • 2.3. Maglink Magnetic Tank Gauge
    • 2.4. Transparent Level Gauges
    • 2.5. Tubular Type Level Gauge
    • 2.6. Reflex Level Gauge
    • 2.7. Reflex gauge with integrated Heating/Cooling
    • 2.8. Illuminator Type Level Gauge
    • 2.9. Bicolor Level Gauges
    • 2.10. Boiler Steam Water Level Gauge
    • 2.12. Transmitter for Liquid Level Interface and Density
    • 2.13. Float and Displacer Level Switches
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    • 3.1. Purge Unit
    • 3.2. Flow Computers / Displays
    • 3.6. Accessories
    • 3.7. Head Transmitter
    • 3.8. Calibration pots for pumps