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2. Level instruments

ITA Magnetic Level Gauge

ITA Magnetic Level GaugeThe ITA level indicators offers a reliable, accident-free and maintenance-free usage through a simple and break-resistant construction at a maximum process pressure of 320 bar and a temperature range from -50 °C through 400 °C. The fluid level is indicated directly with a separation of the measurement and indication area. The magnetic transfer of the fluid level from the tank to the indicator is continuous and vibration- resistant, even in the case of fast changing levels.


Tank Level Transmitter / Switch

Tank Level Transmitter / SwitchThe ITA T1S/R are top mount Magnetic Level Transmitters/ Level Switches.


Maglink Magnetic Tank Gauge

Maglink Magnetic Tank GaugeThe Maglink is a mechanically geared tank level gauge, where a magnet, connected to the drive cable, follows the float. Level is visualized by an analogue, at eye level clock without external power supply. This guarantees a simple, reliable measurement, that requires no calibration. Remote electronic indicators or alarm switches can be connected.


Transparent Level Gauges

Transparent Level GaugesTransparent Level Gauges are used to observe visually the level of various liquids in high pressure and temperature environments..


Tubular Type Level Gauge

Tubular Type Level GaugeA Tubular Level Gauges is an economic solution, visualizing fluid levels in low temperature and pressure environments.


Reflex Level Gauge

Reflex Level GaugeReflex Level Gauges are used to observe visually the level of various liquids in high pressure and temperature environments, especially steam lines, through the transmission of light.


Reflex gauge with integrated Heating/Cooling

Reflex gauge with integrated Heating/CoolingIn order to solve viscosity problems caused by low environment temperatures, a heating can be integrated in the instrument.


Illuminator Type Level Gauge

Illuminator Type Level GaugeIlluminator Level Gauges are designed for monitoring fluid level in environments with low illumination.


Guided Wave Radar

Guided Wave RadarContact-free level measurement for all kinds of liquids in vessels and tanks and many other applications.

Transmitter for Liquid Level

Transmitter for Liquid LevelThe continuous measuring of liquid level, interface and density is based on Archimedes buoyancy principle. An element submerged in liquid (process wetted, cylindrical measuring element) is subjected to a buoyancy force, proportionate to the weight force of the fluid volume displaced.


Float and Displacer Level Switches

Float and Displacer Level SwitchesFloat and Displacer Switches for liquid level limitation. Rugged design for long lifetime.