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First Production of Cone Flow Meters 2016
2015 Development and Inhouse-production of Reflex Level Gauges
Development and inhouseproduction of Transparent Level Gauges 2014
2013 Manufacturing of Bypass-Vessels for GuidedWave Radars (GWR)
Manufacturing of Wedge Flowmeters 2012
  2011 Our „Mini“IB..-20/21 also with integrated temperature sensor
Opening of new production hall. Total production and storage area 3400 m². 2009
  2008 ATEX certification for IS200
Bulding design for a further production area has started. 2007  
Messblenden 2006 Orifce Plates / Assemblies production started
First Inhouse Distributor Seminar 2006  
  2005 Production and storage area got extended to 1800 m²
Redevelopment of IS200 2004
2001 New Sensor Profile for Itabar
Development of IntraSonic IS100 1995  
1994 First production of Digiflow, Extension of R&D Department
First production of Maglink 1992
  1991 Production area extended to 1400 m³
Office space extended to 400 m² 1989  
1988 Opening of Intra-Automation HTP in the Netherlands
Removal to the industrial area in Grevenbroich, 200 m² office space and 500 m² production area 1986  
Itabar-Durchflussonde 1977 Founding of Intra-Automation GmbH in Grevenbroich, First production of ITA and Itabar