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Diciembre 2011

Diciembre 2011

ProduktnewsNEW: Our “Mini” with integrated temperature sensor
gain, Intra-Automation GmbH managed to expand its Itabar-Flow-Sensor product line!

From January 2012 on, we will be able to provide our models IB..-20/21 for pipe sizes from 1 ½” up to 4” with integrated temperature sensors.

Hereby we integrate a thermocouple type K with head transmitter to provide a 4…20 mA signal to the user in order to enable a density correction for gaseous media.

As already demonstrated in our series 25/35/65 & 100 the temperature sensor has no direct contact to the process fluid, so a measurement, as well as a retraction due to maintenance and functional check under process conditions is no problem at all.

Another advantage for the user is the minimization of installation efforts, as by using the new model option “TC”, no additional temperature measurement unit has to be installed into the pipe line.

Please try us out. Our team will be pleased to provide you with additional information.