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  • ITABAR Pitot Tube

    ITABAR Pitot TubeThe measuring principle of a Pitot Tube is based on the theory of differential pressure.
    A simple, though effective measurement method, combining low installation and operation costs with great reliability, for Gas, Liquid and Steam Flow monitoring.
    The process connection can be threaded or flanged.
    Intra Automation offers the choice of different sensors, depending on line size and flow.
    The WinFlow calculation software is applied in the determination of the sensor size.

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  • Ultrasonic Series

    Ultrasonic SeriesThe IntraSonic is a flowmeter for measuring the flow of volume in a piping system. Its working principle is the measurement of transit time differentials.

    The special feature of this system is installation under operating conditions. Further option are temperature inputs for energy calculations.

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  • Orifice Assemblies

    Orifice AssembliesOrifice plates are used for flow rate measuring in pipe systems. With orifice plates a pressure drop is created. Based on the value of the pressure drop the flow rate can be calculated. Orifice plates are produced in accordance with ISO 5167.

    All the above items are available in C.S., SUS, PTFE, PVC etc. Others are available on request on customers.

    More information on request.

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  • Venturi Tubes

    Venturi TubesWhenever pressure loss is an issue, Venturi Tubes are a good alternative to Orifice Assemblies and Flow Nozzles.
    The main advantages of Venturi Tubes are the combination of low pressure loss, high reliability and good protection against catching sludges.

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  • Flow Nozzles

    Flow NozzlesFlow Nozzles are an alternative to orifice plates whenever it comes to the measurement of high speed flows.
    Its unique design features gives an exceptional strength, allowing a 60% higher flow rate.

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  • Cone Flowmeter

    Cone FlowmeterThe new concept of flow measurement by differential pressure theory it eliminates weak points by orifice plate & Vortex FlowMeter.

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  • Wedge tube

    Wedge tubeSuitable for a wide reynolds range of flow measurement, for measuring clean and non-clean fluids such as slurries fluids.

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